About project

The residential and commercial building Podrožnik Mozirje is located opposite the administrative centre of Mozirje, in the immediate vicinity of the centre of Mozirje.

On a lot with a total area of approximately 7,300m2, owned by the investor, the construction of a residential and commercial facility Podrožnik Mozirje is planned. This residential and commercial facility is vertically divided into a semi-public ground floor and four floors in which individual residential units of various sizes are located. Horizontally the facility is constructed from three identical parallel lamellas (A, B and C), which allow a phase-like construction of the facility. On the north side the lamellas are interconnected on the ground floor by a semi-entrenched garage, in which parking places for the needs of the residents will be located. On the south side the facility opens towards the access road. The facility has no basement. On the ground floor there are also joint and auxiliary residential facilities in addition to parking spots. In a part of the ground floor commercial premises for quiet business activities are located. Each lamella represents an independent building which can act as a functionally completed building. Entry into the underground garage is on the east side of the facility.

Newly constructed buildings (individual lamellas) will be connected to public water utilities, namely to the water, sewage, electricity and public heating system. It will be possible to connect each residential unit to the telecommunications network. Public lighting will be constructed along the public road on the south side of the building.

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The building is designed as a multi-storey and multi-apartment commercial building. The building has a ground floor, three floors and attic floor (P+ 3N+M). On the ground floor there are business premises, parking spots, the main entrance to the residential part A, the staircase and an elevator, storage rooms of individual apartments and joint and auxiliary premises of the building (bicycle shed, joint corridors in front of storage rooms, room for the electricity management system, thermal station area and running and handling areas in the garage). In each floor from the first to the third floor there are 7 apartments, a staircase with an elevator and a joint hallway. There are 4 apartments in the attic, a staircase with an elevator, a joint hallway, storage rooms for the apartments of the attic floor, a room for cleaning agents and an unused attic. In the building of lamella C 25 residential units are planned.

Individual apartments are designed in the floor plan, allowing maximum utilisation of functional areas, while allowing a pleasant living. The apartments are designed in accordance with the applicable rules. The apartments are designed as units with one, two, three or four beds.

Some apartments on the first floor are designed with an enclosed courtyard, other apartments have open balconies.

In addition to the adequate thermal insulation, local ventilation with heat recovery is constructed in expansion profiles above the windows, in individual rooms intended for living, sleeping, preparing and eating food, which ensures a high level of comfort of living.

Each residential unit is connected to municipal waters (mains, water, heating) through internal gauges (counters).

The landscape around the facility is partly paved and partly planted.